Monday, 10 October 2011

Budget 2012: figures now available

The final figures for the budget 2012, as amended by the Budgets Committee, are now available. These are the results of two days of negotiations and voting and are to be used as Parliament's position in its negotiations with EU Member States.

In general, MEPs sought to restore the draft budget proposed by the Commission, after cuts by the Council in July. The budget position of the Committee implies an increase in payments of 5,23% as compared to this year's budget and an increase of commitments of 3,95%. […]

The categories that see the biggest increases in payments are Research and Development (+10.35%) and Cohesion and Structural funds (+8,38%). Another category that sees a significant increase is Freedom, Security and Justice (+6.84%), due to growing needs to manage refugee and migration flows and step up maritime surveillance in the Mediterranean.

Key changes proposed by the Budgets Committee include increased spending on Palestine, maritime surveillance in the Mediterranean, managing refugee flows, EU2020 growth strategy-related programmes such as Life Long Learning, funding for vegetable producers and development aid for Asia and South America. Proposed savings as compared to the Commission proposal include €36 million on Common Foreign and Security Policy and almost €15 million in Parliament's own budget.

Source: European Parliament