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Court ruling challenges EU laws on GMO co-existence


Thursday, 08 September 2011

Court ruling challenges EU laws on GMO co-existence

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled yesterday (6 September) that honey containing traces of genetically-modified (GM) products, even unintentionally, "must always be regarded as food produced from a GMO," paving the way for compensation claims to farmers whose crops were contaminated. The judgement follows legal action by a German beekeeper who sought compensation from the Bavarian government after he was prevented from selling his honey because it contained traces of GM pollen. The ruling, which comforted the plaintiff, could pave the way for compensation claims by beekeepers against biotech companies such as Monsanto or governments which authorise test fields. An EU spokesman said the ruling could hit imports of honey from countries like Argentina, where GM crops are widely grown. Monsanto stressed that there were no safety concerns regarding its MON 810 maize and said the case was about the legal technicalities of EU approvals of the specific maize variety. The variety was approved for cultivation in the EU in 1998.

Source: Eur Activ