Tuesday, 06 September 2011

Support for higher EU budget for research in West African waters

The Fisheries Committee in the European Parliament approved a proposal by Swedish MEP Isabella Lövin to increase the budget for marine research in West Africa with €2m.

The idea is that the money can be used to sponsor a research vessel that can provide reliable stock assessments. The EU has fisheries agreements with several countries in West Africa, but there is often insufficient information to determine the “surplus  stock” which the European vessels can access.

In order to increase the funding for research, Isabella Lövin has proposed an increase of this budget post from €5.5m to €7.5m, a proposal which was approved by the Fisheries Committee on 31 August. The proposal now has to be approved by the plenary at the vote on the 2012 EU budget, which also has to be negotiated with Council.

Source: MEP Isabella Lövin