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Life after the Doha Round

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Life after the Doha Round

In Geneva, the WTO Doha Round’s attempts to hang on to life become fainter and weaker. Pascal Lamy was in sombre mood at the meeting:

“What we are seeing today is the paralysis in the negotiating function of the WTO, whether it is on market access or on the rule- making. What we are facing is the inability of the WTO to adapt and adjust to emerging global trade priorities, those you cannot solve through bilateral deals.”

While no government has yet declared that the Doha Round is dead, it is clearly on life support. It is therefore important to consider the options facing the WTO before the next Ministerial Conference in Geneva on December 15-17. […] There are essentially just two options, but with a number of permutations within each option: either countries stick with the Doha Round agenda and try to bring it to a successful conclusion sooner or later, or countries walk away from the Doha Round, declare it a failure, and seek other routes either under WTO auspices or not for further trade liberalisation. In this post, I enumerate the various roadmaps which have been put forward.

Source: capreform.eu