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Africa should gain from wealth

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Friday, 15 July 2011

Africa should gain from wealth

The African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group of States has challenged European countries to ensure the natural resources they get from Africa are translated into developing the continent. ACP-European Union (EU) Joint Parliamentary Assembly co-president David Matongo said the engagement between Europe and the ACP should move to a new level of trying to deliver sustainable development for Africa. Mr Matongo, who is also United Party for National Development Pemba member of Parliament, said this at the inaugural session of the 26th meeting of the ACP-EU economic and social interest groups held in Belgium last week. "It is undeniable ACP states are resource-rich. It is therefore unacceptable that the owners of the natural resources, which are in demand in the world, are today themselves the poorest in the world and they have to rely on aid," he said.

Mr Matongo said the engagement should enable the ACP Group of States to gain greater value from their natural resources. He said the discussion on development as the world approaches 2015 should not be on statistics, but the quality of the remodelling of development, and how much it is impacting on people’s welfare. "The man on the street is not interested in what percentage point the economy is growing, but on whether he has a job, food and employment," Mr Matongo said. On Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), he said attaining the goals will largely depend on economic growth and wide distribution of its benefits. Mr Matongo said for countries which need to make the largest push to attain the MDGs such as the sub-Saharan African countries, the progress is dismal.

Source: daily-mail.co.zm