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ActionAid: New food crisis one bad harvest away

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

ActionAid: New food crisis one bad harvest away

The international charity ActionAid warned G20 ministers that the world is one bad harvest from a recurrence of the 2008 food crisis. It urged Agriculture Ministers meeting in Paris this week to take urgent action to stabilise food prices, including slashing biofuel production and mobilising a system of regional food reserves to help buffer the worst hit. High oil prices, an increase in biofuel production, commodity speculation and a lack of political leadership means that as many as 34 million people are at risk around the world from poverty and hunger if prices continue to rise. With countries like the U.S. imposing biofuel mandates that are steering 40% of its corn crop to producing biofuels instead of feeding people, and the European Union massively increasing its biofuels demand under new targets, the era of food surpluses is over. The ministers must act now to reverse the targets and financial incentives that are driving biofuel production.

Source: ActionAid