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CIDSE’s priorities for Rio +20 conference

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

CIDSE’s priorities for Rio +20 conference

CIDSE is an international alliance of Catholic development agencies working in the north and with partners in the south to promote global social justice and solidarity. CIDSE advocates a shift from models that encourage a material conception of being, illustrated by resource and carbon-intensive consumption along with extreme profits and inequalities, to models that work in favour of human well-being - living simply, in community, giving priority to equity, sustainability, and responsibility. CIDSE’s vision of sustainability is founded on the principle that human beings are stewards of creation, and called to manage the earth and all its resources in a responsible way so as to pass it on to future generations. […] Rio +20 should put in place a stronger agenda on sustainable development reflecting the ethos behind the Earth Summit, that embraces a rights-based approach, linking the imperative of ecological sustainability with human development. A focus on “green economy” should not become a substitute for the objective of sustainable development. […] As a priority, the EU should consider how the UNCSD can provide the opportunity to move towards, or reinforce, systematic approaches at the international level based on mandatory standards, regulations or processes, which contribute to delivering real results for sustainable development.

For example:

• Climate: Follow-on to the Kyoto Protocol

• Finance: Taxation of activities with harmful impacts, with revenues raised being used for sustainable development purposes, including climate and development finance

• Food security: Regulation of large-scale land acquisition

• Private sector: Country-by-country reporting for transnational companies in natural resources and all other sectors, in international accounting standards

• Global governance: Revisions to mandates of international institutions, for effective coherence with the objective of sustainable development, and related human rights

Source: CIDSE