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Africa and Europe – partnerships for agricultural development


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Africa and Europe – partnerships for agricultural development

The Montpellier Panel, headed by Sir Gordon Conway, says food security, nutrition and long-term growth in Africa depend on a clear commitment to agricultural investment. Africa has an unique opportunity to achieve economic prosperity by investing in agricultural development; and the region is making appreciable progress toward this goal. However, some experts say the lack of clear signals of guaranteed long-term support from Europe—a major partner for Africa—could have a serious impact on Africa’s food and nutrition security. More than 200 million Africans suffer from chronic malnutrition, and five million children starve to death every year. Though European donors have substantially increased their commitments to agricultural development in Africa over the last few years, experts observe that donor investments are not always fully aligned with the opportunities available, opportunities that would stimulate the interdependent economies of Africa and Europe.

Source: Agropolis International Newsletter