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What’s Next for DG DEVCO? A Conversation with Fokion Fotiadis

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Wednesday, 02 March 2011

What’s Next for DG DEVCO? A Conversation with Fokion Fotiadis

The next few months will be crucial for the nascent EuropeAid Development and Cooperation Directorate-General. Although DG DEVCO has been operational since the start of the year, its setup may not be finalized until April upon a complete merger of the EU’s policymaking and implementation arms, EuropeAid and the Directorate-General for Development. Fokion Fotiadis is at the forefront of this reorganization. The DG DEVCO chief acknowledges that the new agency needs to “get it right from the start” considering the “great complexity” of the process. Aside from fully setting up its structure, DG DEVCO is busy preparing the final draft of a new European Union development policy, based on the response to public consultations on a green paper the European Commission released in November. In this second and final installment of our interview with Fotiadis, the Greek native discusses the immediate priorities of his organization and shares his view about the emerging cooperation between Europe and China to help Africa attain the Millennium Development Goals.

Source: Devex