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NGOs demand end to “unfair, unlawful and antisocial” policy

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Thursday, 10 February 2011

NGOs demand end to “unfair, unlawful and antisocial” policy

A group of NGOs insists that the EU common agricultural policy (CAP) should encourage the sector to become more sustainable. On 3 February in Paris, the group, CAP 2013, published their Guide to the Common Agricultural Policy, with the basic message of support for the CAP as long as it is fairer than at present. “We support the CAP,” began Bernard Cressens from WWF, before adding that “the CAP is unfair, unlawful and antisocial. We are not demanding a revolution but an evolution, a change of direction.” Farmers who do not respect EU environmental rules should no longer receive subsidies, he added: “It’s the principle of the polluter pays.” According to the NGOs, the question of competitiveness in EU agricultural production is no longer an issue. “In every area of production, Europe can no longer compete with the Ukrainians, Brazilians or Argentineans.” It is therefore necessary to focus on a new model of agriculture. In any case, “if the CAP is not reformed, we will not support it”, concluded the WWF representative.

Source: Euractiv.fr