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Consultation on the Green Paper on the Future of EU Budget Support

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Consultation on the Green Paper on the Future of EU Budget Support

Budget support is an aid delivery instruments that is increasingly prominent in EU cooperation with third countries. It is the transfer of financial resources of an external financing agency to the National Treasury of a partner country, following the respect by the latter of agreed conditions for payment. It is seen as a means of fostering partner countries' ownership of development policies and reform processes, strengthening national accountability institutions and systems, and facilitating growth, poverty reduction and the achievement of development objectives.Over the period 2003-2009, the European Commission made budget support commitments totalling over € 13b n (about 25 % of all commitments in this period). About 56 % of commitments were made in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries, 24 % in neighbourhood countries, 8 % in Asia, 6 % in Latin America and 5 % in South Africa. However, questions about the quality, value for money and impact of budget support are increasingly being raised by a range of stakeholders, including the European Court of Auditors, European and national Parliaments and civil society. These need to be answered as the Commission works to improve its approach to budget support. Key issues include i) political governance and the role of political dialogue; ii) the role of policy dialogue, role of conditionality, and links to performance and results; iii) domestic and mutual accountability; iv) programming of budget support and its coherence with other instruments; v) strengthening risk assessment and dealing with fraud and corruption; vi) budget support in situations of fragility; and vii) growth, fiscal policy and mobilisation of domestic revenues.The objective of this Green Paper is to identify opportunities and challenges, to raise specific questions on how these opportunities can be exploited and challenges addressed, and to collect views and evidence that will improve our approach to budget support. Bring your contribution online.

Source: European Commission