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EU pressed to act on combating world malnutrition

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

EU pressed to act on combating world malnutrition

Former EU commissioner Mario Monti has called for urgent action to combat the rising death toll caused by malnutrition. Addressing a conference in parliament on Tuesday, the Italian said one billion people in the world were undernourished and some 36 million deaths a year are linked to malnutrition. Monti highlighted what he called the paradox of severely undernourished people in some parts of the world and rising obesity in other areas. He said this represented a "very dangerous imbalance".The former commissioner for competition policy called on the EU to produce "better policies" for tackling the problem. On the economic and social implications of food and nutrition, Monti said, "Issues related to food and nutrition take on increasing importance in terms of their impact on the economy and society." The conference was called to discuss ways of promoting healthy eating, better diet and reducing the impact of food production on the environment. According to a scientific study presented to the conference by the Barilla centre for food and nutrition (BCFN) a healthy diet also benefits the environment. The study, 'Double pyramid: healthy food for people, sustainable food for the planet', indicates that foods with higher recommended consumption levels are also those with lower environmental impact. Contrarily, those foods with lower recommended consumption levels are also those with higher environmental impact.

Source: The Parliament