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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

European plan for the creation of green jobs

On the occasion of the first ever ministerial conference on "green jobs", Deputy Prime Minister Joëlle Milquet and European Commissioner László Andor have launched the proposal for a first European plan for the creation of jobs in the "green" sectors and for the "greening" of the economy and the labour market. Objective of the Belgian Presidency: adoption of conclusions laying out a major Commission initiative, in 2011, to establish the principles and methodology for a plan to create green jobs and thereby ensure the greening of the economy. The Belgian Presidency will promote the adoption by the December 2010 EPSCO Council of the conclusions that have just been submitted to the 27 Member States for discussion. The European Commission will then be asked to use these conclusions to establish, in 2011, the principles and a methodology of a plan to create green jobs and to ensure the greening of the economy. In order to advance its work on the theme of "employment policies to promote transition to a low carbon emission economy" and to prepare a series of recommendations and green job indicators, the Belgian Presidency has asked EMCO (the Employment Committee) to deliver an opinion. The European Economic and Social Committee has also been asked for an opinion. These various initiatives, as well as the face-to-face exchanges that will take place during this ministerial conference, should lead to adoption of the conclusions by the EPSCO Council.

Source: Belgian EU Presidency