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Thursday, 16 September 2010

ACP evaluates EU aid in Haiti

A delegation from the ACP/EU joint parliamentary assembly has been visiting Haiti since Monday to evaluate the state of reconstruction efforts in the country and how European aid has been used.
The delegation met the President of the Republic and several members of government on Tuesday and are due to visit schools and building sites that received EU aid, as well as the displaced persons camp in Tabarre Issa.“We are here to take stock of European aid in the country in order to see what has been done since last January and to evaluate how we can provide greater assistance to Haiti,” stated James Nicholson, Vice President of the joint parliamentary assembly.The UK MEP expressed grave concern for the future of Haiti: “We are looking for assurances of a good transition from emergency humanitarian aid and the reconstruction process,” he added. The EU representatives proposed a different understanding of international aid by insisting that the every aspect of the reconstruction of Haiti should be done in consultation with the Haitian government. "If you want to do something lasting, it is the Haitians who must have control over the type of society they want for their future," said French Green MEP Michèle Rivasi, who also pointed out that European aid in Haiti was far greater than other donors. After visiting Haiti, the delegation will continue on to neighbouring Dominican Republic in order to evaluate the involvement of authorities there in the reconstruction process in Haiti.