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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Marine Knowledge 2020: A better understanding of our seas and oceans

European Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki has today unveiled the Commission's Marine Knowledge 2020 proposal to unlock the potential of Europe's marine knowledge. This three-pronged approach seeks primarily to enhance our understanding of Europe's seas and oceans, make using marine data easier and less costly and foster competitiveness among marine data users. For Commissioner Damanaki, this proposal is both timely and beneficial. "Marine Knowledge 2020 is a direct response to the call by marine data users for the EU to step in. We have therefore come up with this comprehensive proposal, which has three basic objectives. Firstly, by freeing bottlenecks and reducing operational costs for those who use marine data, we can help private industry compete in the global economy and meet the challenge of sustainability; we can improve the quality of public decision-making at all levels; and we can strengthen marine scientific research. Secondly, by providing wider access to quality-checked, rapidly available coherent marine data, we can step up competition and innovation amongst users. And thirdly, by reducing uncertainty in knowledge of the oceans and the seas, we can provide a sounder basis for managing future changes. This will provide businesses and public bodies with the means to meet the crucial aims of our Europe2020 strategy."

Source: European Commission