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Tuesday, 07 September 2010

Somaliland: ACP-EU Acknowledges 'Realities'

The meeting of ACP-EU representatives in the Seychelles has noted in its final communiqué the need for solutions to the crisis in Somalia to note the realities in Somaliland amongst others. Below is an article published by UNPO: Meeting in the Seychelles over the course of 14-15 July 2010, the joint parliamentary assembly of African, Caribbean, and Pacific and European Union countries discussed issues of key concern to East Africa, with a focus on the ongoing insecurity facing Somalia and associated offshore piracy. The final communiqué of the meeting noted - after much negotiation spearheaded by Mr. Giancarlo Scottà MEP, Vice-Chair of the Delegation - that the fight against piracy in East Africa had to recognise realities on the ground and drew particular attention to Somaliland and Puntland, although without specifically noting the success of Somaliland initiatives to combat piracy or the peaceful presidential elections held on 26 June 2010. Representatives nevertheless acknowledged a need to combat the root causes of piracy and expressed the need for ACP and EU states to act against companies and individuals from the EU and Asia fishing illegally or dumping toxic substances in the region. Delegates continued to note the need for state structures to be restored to Somali territory, albeit without reference to the ongoing democratisation process in Somaliland – a process that has won international commendation over recent months and where indicators of poverty, lack of development and political instability are markedly lower than in Somalia. Opinion remains divided over finding a meaningful solution to the instability and insecurity facing Somalia but discussions held during the course of the ACP-EU meeting revealed growing awareness of Somaliland’s achievements and the potential this may hold for the democratisation and development within the region as a whole. The ACP-EU joint parliamentary assembly will convene for its 21st session in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo on 1-5 December 2010.

Source: Hiiraan