Thursday, 01 July 2010

S&D push for more sustainable fisheries policy

New impetus for sustainable aquaculture and fisheries policy was given today in Strasbourg, following the adoption of two reports backed by European Socialists and Democrats. "The debate on fishery seems often to be a matter of intensive fishery vs. quotas. Aquaculture can offer new prospects to such an issue as Europe consumes more than 5 million metric tons of farmed fish annually but produces less than 1 metric million tons", said Guido Milana (S&D), European Parliament Fishery Committee Vice President and rapporteur on Aquaculture. "Moreover, aquaculture can offer new employment opportunities to European fishermen hit by the crisis in the sector."The European fishery sector has to cope with booming international competition whose quality and social and environmental standards are often lower than in the EU. Our challenge is to sustain our fishery while making it more and more sustainable". Currently, the EU has not yet a specific piece of legislation on aquaculture as a numbers of provisions and rules are spread into different fishery regulations and directives. There needs to be a comprehensive strategy which encompasses, among others, specific economic measures, up-to-date training and research, more transparent labelling and marketing initiatives.The European Parliament has also adopted a report which calls on the EU to introduce a tracking system from catch to sale aimed at strengthening the control on fishing of bluefin tuna, in accordance with the ICCAT recommendations.

Source: Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament