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Open letter to the EU Development

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Thursday, 08 April 2010

Open letter to the EU Development

A letter from various organisations on expanding EU support for public-public partnerships in water. The undersigned organisations would like to congratulate the European Commission on the launch of the new ACP-EU Water Facility and the two calls for proposals launched last month. In particular we would like to highlight the "Partnerships for Capacity Development in the ACP Water and Sanitation Sector", which has an earmarked budget of 40 million euro. This is the first time ever that the EU has created a ring-fenced development aid budget to support partnerships between public water operators and other public authorities (on a strict not-for-profit basis). We consider this a very encouraging departure from the strong emphasis on expanding the role of the private sector which characterised the Commission's water aid policies for many years. In the meantime, privatisation including in the form of PPPs, has proven not to be the best way to improve access to water and sanitation services for the poorest. Public-public partnerships, on the other hand, are gaining increasing support as a cost-effective and sustainable way of improving capacity among public water utilities in developing countries.

Source: Transitional Institute