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Reflections on alternatives to development aid


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Reflections on alternatives to development aid

Most development actors agree that the current model for development assistance, which produces so few positive results, cannot be sustained much longer. While many alternatives have been proposed, few have received widespread acceptance. A number of studies and official statements have been published recently that reject development aid in its current form. One of the most remarkable positions was that of Jean-Michel Severino, Director of the French development agency, in an interview with La Tribune. It is increasingly difficult for even the staunchest defenders of the current system to explain the need to preserve a model that demands so much effort for so few, if any, results. Taxpayers in developed countries are fed up with the idea that their money is being thrown away on corrupt tropical dictators. Similarly, citizens from developing countries do not appreciate how their impoverished conditions are used to attract funds that, at the end of the day, return to the donor country, after having worsened the conditions of poverty. It is therefore time for a revolution.

Source: Le Quotidien