Friday, 26 February 2010

Common Fisheries Policy: radical re-think needed to protect small fishermen

The reform of the Common Fisheries Policy must support small scale fisheries. This was the clear message from ALDE MEPs during a debate in the European Parliament in Brussels today. Carl Haglund (Svenska folkpartiet, Finland ), shadow rapporteur for the report on the reform of the CFP insisted: "The reform of the Common Fisheries Policy is going in the right direction. The Fisheries´ Policy has long been one of the EU´s most discredited policies, infamous for micro-management, a top-down approach and, above all, a system that encourages discarding enormous amounts of perfectly usable fish every year. ALDE welcomes an ecosystem based approach. ALDE supports regionalization - not renationalization - of the CFP, and the establishment of a separate EU policy for small-scale fisheries."

Source: Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe