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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

GMOs in Italy, will anyone stop them?

A torrent of words - 90% of which are averse ones - is following the decision taken on January 29 by the Italian Council of State, which for the first time in Italy allows to sow a variety of GM maize, Monsanto's "MON 810", one of the some 90 varieties registered in Europe and already used in Spain. But what matters are the facts. The first fact: the decision of the Council of State requires the Ministry of Agriculture to issue the authorization for sowing within 90 days. The second one: on a plot of less than three hectares in the municipality of Vivaro (near Pordenone, north-eastern Italy), everything is ready and from next April there will be the first Italian cultivation of genetically engineered maize. "At last I am free to do it," told reporters Silvano Dalla Libera, corn producer and deputy president of Futuragra, the farmers' association that is fighting for the introduction of biotechnology in agriculture. According to Dalla Libera's own words, "the Vivaro field will be sown with a dual purpose."

Source: Green Planet