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Bluefin tuna benefits from political deadlock


Wednesday, 03 February 2010

Bluefin tuna benefits from political deadlock

The European Commission has decided to delay its decision - from yesterday January 13 to a new undetermined date - about whether to include the bluefin tuna in the endangered species' list. Despite the EC's initial endorsement of the proposal, the refusal of a majority of EU countries is forcing an about turn. However there is not much time left now, as the final negotiations are being held in March in Doha (Qatar), when the world's Countries that have signed the CITES convention will meet. The position of the European Commission is still unclear: as a matter of fact, it is uncertain whether the Commission will present his proposal in the coming days or wait for the new team of Commissioners that will come soon into charge, as reported by Agrocope.com.

Source: Green Planet