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Crushed aid: fragmentation in sectoral aid

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Crushed aid: fragmentation in sectoral aid

This paper is part of a series of studies on development aid issues published by the OECD Development Centre (following on from Frot and Santiso 2008, and Frot and Santiso 2009) and OECD DAC/DCD (OECD 2008). After exploring trends in aid delivery and issues related to aid fragmentation at a country level we deepen the analysis here and examine aid fragmentation at sector level. As with previous studies, this paper builds on information from unique databases, combining OECD official statistics on development aid. The overall objective is also to boost the analysis and policy recommendations related to aid developed by the OECD Development Centre, complementing other work related to the so-called “emerging donors” like China (Reisen and Ndoye, 2008) and to contribute to the forthcoming OECD Global Development(2010). The objective is twofold: to contribute to the analysis of donor allocation policies on key issues and to foresee the possibility of building an aid efficiency index. For that purpose, this paper offers a potential index on aid fragmentation at sector level. Combined with the previous companion papers, where fragmentation and volatility measures and methods have been developed along with measures of aid herding, it offers the possibility to build a benchmark and an aggregate index on aid efficiency, from the side of both donor and recipient countries.

Source: OECD