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UK government's Advisor backs GMOs. The organic sector uprises

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

UK government's Advisor backs GMOs. The organic sector uprises

UK government's Chief Scientific Adviser John Beddington recently stated that Britain needs to enhance the production of GM crops in order to fight climate change and global hunger, thus raising concerned reactions by the British anti-GM lobby. Speaking at the Oxford Farming Conference, Professor John Beddington said 'a new and greener revolution' was required to feed an extra 3 billion people by 2040, while also coping with climate change and dwindling energy and water resources. "Techniques and technologies from many disciplines, ranging from biotechnology and engineering to newer fields such as nanotechnology, will be needed", he said. He said that over the last 50 years, 75% of the increase in global output was due to yield increases but it is no longer possible to rely on this with current technologies as yield growth rates are now slowing, the Farmers Guardian reported. His comments were condemned by the Soil Association. "GM is not going to feed a growing world population sustainably, now or in the future," Emma Hockridge, the association’s policy manager said. "We need far-reaching changes to our food and farming systems, rather than GM technology, which, despite millions in public and private research expenditure, has consistently failed to deliver food security."

Source: Greenplanet