Tuesday, 05 January 2010

Fiji signs trade and development agreement with the EU

Fiji has signed today an interim Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU. The agreement focuses on trade in goods and provides duty free – quota free access for all products from Fiji to the EU market. It also aims to deepen cooperation in areas such as animal and plant health as well as technical standards. The interim Economic Partnership Agreement was initialled in November 2007 by Fiji and Papua New Guinea which represent the vast majority of the region's exports to the EU. The agreement has been provisionally implemented by the EU since 1 January 2008. Papua New Guinea signed it in July 2009. Under the agreement all imports from Fiji and Papua New Guinea have duty free quota free access to the European market. Fiji will remove customs duties on 87% of their imports from the EU over the next 15 years and Papua New Guinea liberalises 88% in the first year.

Source: European Commission