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Poor countries call for foreign debt write-off


Tuesday, 01 December 2009

Poor countries call for foreign debt write-off

Experts from African, Caribbean and Pacific countries who met last Wednesday in Luanda to prepare for the 18th session of the Joint Parliamentary Assembly are calling on the member states of the European Union and other rich countries to write off poor nations’ foreign debts. This standpoint was expressed in a statement read out to the press by the spokesperson at the meeting, Robert Luke Ironga, stressing that almost 60 countries need debt cancellation to have a chance of achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Robert Luke Ironga reported that the meeting had saluted measures already taken by some EU states to cancel developing countries’ debts. The document contains a draft motion for a resolution calling on donor countries to take account of the effects of the economic crisis on the ACP states and apply the principles enshrined in the Paris Declaration on aid efficiency, reiterated in the Accra Agenda, and expressed at the Doha Conference and several G20 summits.

Source:  ANGOP