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Council Conclusions on EU position for Copenhagen

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Tuesday, 03 November 2009

Council Conclusions on EU position for Copenhagen

The 2968th Environment Council meeting held in Luxembourg on 21st October 2009 reaffirmed that that developed countries should take the lead in combating climate change and the adverse effects thereof and recalled the EU proposal that aggregate emission reduction commitments of developed countries should be in the order of 30% below 1990 by 2020. It reaffirmed its commitment to move to a 30% reduction compared to 1990 levels as its contribution to a global and comprehensive agreement for the period beyond 2012, provided that other developed countries commit themselves to comparable emission reductions and that developing countries contribute adequately according to their responsibilities and respective capabilities. While it welcomed the operationalisation of the Kyoto Protocol Adaptation Fund and looks forward to the disbursement of funds to support concrete adaptation actions, it recognized that further financing will be needed to support adaptation in developing countries and therefore  underlined the need to scale up support for adaptation in developing countries, until and beyond 2012, focusing on countries and regions that are particularly vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change, especially SIDS, LDCs and African countries prone to drought, desertification and floods.

Source: EU Council