Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Problems of Nigeria’s energy sector are considered systemic by the EU

The European Union has blamed the Nigerian system for the country’s inability to generate enough energy to meet local demand as well as help propel industrial and economic growth and development. This was the position of the body as contained in a pre-feasibility study for the EU-Nigeria Dialogue on Energy, released on Thursday, during a workshop in Abuja, by the Delegation of European Communities to Nigeria . According to the document, the EU says it believes that “the problem facing the energy sector in Nigeria are systemic, meaning that solutions have to cover the whole system and not isolated parts of it. Systemic failure needs systemic solutions.” It further noted that, “In terms of energy issues, Nigeria could be said to be in a series of downward spirals. There are a number of loops with each activity negatively impacting on the next.

 Source: Vanguard