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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

DFID and Eurodad trade views on mutual accountability data

Most people would agree that follow up to the 2008 Accra aid effectiveness high level meeting has been too slow. But there are some rays of light. The Rwandan government is acting on mutual accountability, by pressing donors there to account to make progress on certain targets they have agreed to. UK aid agency DFID has published a blog post on this, and Eurodad has responded on its blog querying DFID’s score and plans. Martin Leach, who heads DFID’s work in Rwanda and Burundi, writes “this year it felt like the tables were turned on the donors”. How? Well at the Development Partners meeting (aidspeak for a donor/government roundtable negotiating session) “all donors were held to account by the Ministry of Finance for the promises they had made”. The ministry took a list of 18 commitments that donors had signed up to – such as delivering the money we had pledged, recording our aid in the Government budget, and giving clear indications of our future financial plans. Leach records that “Every donor’s score was put up on the screen for everyone to see, and there were some red faces round the room – the lowest score was 2/18. The UK was near the top, I’m pleased to say, but we still need to improve, as we only scored 12/18”.