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EC delegation discusses economy


Tuesday, 13 October 2009

EC delegation discusses economy

A team from the European Commission delegation in Barbados was in Antigua to discuss political and economic developments in the country as part of the annual Mid Term Review of projects and programmes. The Ministry of Finance, the Economy and Public Administration is the public sector mechanism that will be the main beneficiary of 10th European Development Fund (EDF) support. During a press conference, National Authorising Officer (NAO) Ambassador Dr. Clarence Henry said the discussions ranged from the fiscal and economic impact of Antigua and Barbuda’s economy to the poverty assessment report, and strategies the country has been developing in response to the poverty assessment. "We also have to look at institutional support for the Office of the NAO as well as the Ferry Docking Facility, which is to be financed from the CRIP, the regional TCF programme," Dr. Henry stated. He said they also reviewed the progress made on the Learning Resource Centre at the Antigua State College along with several other interventions, for which Antigua and Barbuda has gained European Union assistance. Under the 10th EDF, the EU through its commission has allocated some $3.4 million Euros towards the Fiscal Modernisation Programme, which is going directly to the Ministry of Finance, Economy and Public Administration.

Source: Antigua Sun