Friday, 04 September 2009

MEPs hear Karel De Gucht's vision of development policy

Development Committee MEPs questioned Mr De Gucht, Belgium's former foreign minister, on the impact of the financial crisis on developing countries, how the Commission plans to help these countries to combat climate change and his professional experience. "The volume of aid, its effectiveness, its transparency and the Millennium Development Goals (MDG)" are among the main challenges for EU development policy, said Mr De Gucht, who was proposed on 17 July to replace Louis Michel, who has himself been elected an MEP. The Commissioner-designate said that in the coming weeks he plans to try to ensure "that development issues loom large in the minds of the G20 leaders".  The G20 summit due to be held in Pittsburgh in late September will be "a major opportunity to review the implementation of the April commitments for low-income countries", he added.
Source: European Parliament