Friday, 04 September 2009

Indian Ocean: Fisheries MCS Programme

This three year project, the implementation of which was completed in December 2008, covers the three ACP countries in the IOC. The total cost of the project is estimated at 5.46 million Euro, 3.5 million of which comes from the 9th EDF while the remainder is paid partly by Reunion and the other IOC member states. The objective of the programme is to establish and test the conditions for regional cooperation in the field of MCS with a view to ensuring sustainable resource management. The project has achieved a number of  important results:
- The harmonisation of fisheries legislation and conditions in all IOC member states.
- The establishment of inspection and control systems in all ports of call used by fishing vessels.
- The training of specialised staff in all IOC countries to ensure greater regularity and rigour in the collection and processing of data.
- Joint surveillance activities by IOC countries.
- The funding of a VMS (Vessel Monitoring System) Centre in the Comoros
- The only national mesure financed through the MCS project as it was considered crucial for the consolidation of the regional fisheries control and surveillance system.
Source: IOC