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In a time of crisis, EU aid has never been more important


Tuesday, 01 September 2009

In a time of crisis, EU aid has never been more important

This report produced by Concord forms part of the work being undertaken by European development NGOs to monitor and advocate on European aid. It reports that some of the countries deliver aid based on their own priorities and not those of the poor while addressing the symptoms and not the causes - and yet they deliver the majority of the global aid flows. It adds that evidence shows that when aid is delivered well, it has been crucial in improving living conditions of the poor in developing countries. The report recommends that European governments should show development leadership through:
• Meeting European aid quantity targets and by agreeing to annual timetables showing how those commitments will be met;
• Implementing the Accra agenda for Action and Paris Declaration in consultation with developing countries;
• Ensuring progress on aid commitments together with systemic reform of flaws in the international financial and economic system which heavily affect the poor countries;
• Demonstrating policy coherence with development objectives in trade, climate change, migration and food security.
Source: Concord