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ERA-NET project aims to improve research in organic food and farming


Tuesday, 09 November 2004

ERA-NET project aims to improve research in organic food and farming

A new ERA-NET initiative has been launched in order to improve the quality and relevance of organic food and farming research in Europe.
CORE Organic (coordination of European transnational research in organic food and farming) brings together government ministries, research councils and other research funders from 11 countries - Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK. Throughout its three year lifetime, however, participation in the 1.2 million euro initiative will remain open to any EU country that has a national research programme for organic food and farming.

The joint activities of the CORE Organic partners will revolve around the coordination and evaluation of existing research, the identification of future scientific priorities, and the sharing and integration of knowledge and information.

The ultimate goal for the end of the project, however, is the creation of a joint research programme among the partner countries with a budget of at least three million euro per year, which will provide European authorities with the opportunity to launch research projects on a much larger scale than is currently possible.