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Trade: What future for French retail group Auchan in Senegal?


Thursday, 25 October 2018

Trade: What future for French retail group Auchan in Senegal?

A year after launching in Senegal, the French group has opened more than 30 stores across the country, and the competition has hurt small traders. On Tuesday, there was a major demonstration in Dakar, demanding that the Auchan stores be closed down. The retail sector may normally thrive on competition, but they also know how to band together when they are faced with threats. A red sea of “Auchan Out” baseball caps covered the Place de L’Obelisque. Leyti Sene, organiser of the collective action, was leading from the front: “We are delighted with the demonstration. Everyone is tired of this, these stores need to close, and they should get out of our country. There will be no negotiation!” Traders from the famous Kermel market in Dakar were present in large numbers. Fatou Diarra is their self-styled spokesman, and he raised the issue of poverty amongst the traders: “It’s all wrong! When we purchase something for 700 francs and Auchan are selling it for 300 or 400, it’s just unacceptable. We cannot make a living, we are all poor now.”

Source: rfi.fr