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Kenya to export more avocado to EU market

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Friday, 31 August 2018

Kenya to export more avocado to EU market

More and more Kenyans are planting avocados in their fields, even at the cost of abandoning their traditional coffee or tea crops, as European demand for this product is strong. "When the avocado market skyrocketed, we thought it was more interesting to plant these trees. That's how I started," stated Sumon Kimani while pointing to the first trees he planted, less than 10 years ago. Currently Kimani has two hectares of this species. Simon Kimani, 73, and his two young employees collect the green avocados with machetes. The fruits will finish ripening during their long journey to Europe. Simon is part of a group of farmers who sell their avocados to the Fair Trade Company Limited. Since being hired by this company, in 2015, Bernard Kimutai noted that there was a sharp increase in the production of Hass avocados, a highly coveted variety in Europe. "In 2016 we exported 20 tons and in 2017, 40 tons", he said. Each year, Simon Kimani collects up to seven tons of this fashionable fruit, which he sells for 50 shillings (i.e. 0.43 euro or 0.5 dollars) per kilo, that is, about four avocados, to the Fair Trade Company Limited; which in turn, exports them, mainly to Spain and the Netherlands.

Source: Fresh Plaza