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Animal exports: Non-EU countries must meet EU antibiotics requirements


Friday, 06 July 2018

Animal exports: Non-EU countries must meet EU antibiotics requirements

According to the European Commission, third countries that export animals and animal products to the European Union will have to abide by new rules on veterinary medicines when it comes to the use of antibiotics. But non-EU countries warn that this could break WTO rules as well as have severe implications on global trade. Last month, the Bulgarian Presidency and the European Parliament reached an agreement on a regulation on veterinary medicines. A crucial aspect of the new rules is the fight against antimicrobial resistance (AMR) imposing strict measures that limit the use of antibiotics in the animal sector. Regarding animals or products of animal origin imported by third countries, the agreed document says that the latter will have to meet the requirements of antibiotics use. A European Commission spokesperson told EURACTIV.com that these import provisions do not envisage non-EU countries necessarily having similar legislation to the EU. “These import provisions apply only to animals and animal products which are destined for exports into the EU. Non-EU countries can decide on modalities on how to ensure that exported goods will meet these requirements,” the spokesperson said.