Monday, 02 July 2018

Kenya: UK firm to connect 150,000 households to off-grid energy

Over the next three years, UK-based Azuri Technologies pay on the go solar company will connect 150,000 Kenyan households to off-grid energy. General Manager East Africa Snehar Shah says the firm is ready to expand its reach with a Sh2 billion commercial debt financing it received early this year. Of the Sh2 billion, about Sh400 million will be deployed  by the 2018 Innovative Technology award winner from African Utility Week in Kenya. “The PayGo sector is growing rapidly and its continued expansion requires access to substantial levels of capital. The debt financing will go a long way in increasing the reach, a significant number of people are yet be connected to the national grid,” he noted. In the last five years about 150,000 homes have been connected with PayGo solar systems.

Source: Construction Review Online