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EU: MEPs condemn Hungary’s post-Cotonou agreement blockade


Tuesday, 19 June 2018

EU: MEPs condemn Hungary’s post-Cotonou agreement blockade

Hungary continues to block the European mandate to begin negotiations with African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, to the great displeasure of MEPs. EURACTIV.fr reports. Negotiations between the EU and African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries on the next Cotonou Agreement are at a standstill. At the occasion of the adoption of the negotiating mandate on 14 June, MEPs called on member states to adopt the mandate to formally begin negotiations with ACP countries. “Member States have to decide unanimously on the negotiating mandate. This is why Hungary has blocked the mandate because of a disagreement on the issue of migration,” said the French MEP Mireille d’Ornano of the EFDD group in the European Parliament. The Belgian MEP, Charles Goerens also pointed out Hungary ’s role when talking about the 27 EU countries that approved the negotiating mandate presented by the Commission. “So I take it that Hungary is blocking the negotiations,” said Goerens. “The ACP countries adopted their negotiating mandate a few days ago in Lomé (Togo). It is now up to the Council to adopt its own,” stated the Development Commissioner, Neven Mimica.