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Chinese experts transform African agriculture with education programs


Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Chinese experts transform African agriculture with education programs

Villagers in Dongkou county, Central China's Hunan Province catch fish on January 15, 2010. As the village's land is not suitable for planting crops, village officials directed them to build ponds to raise fish so that they could make more money. Photo: IC He Wang, a 53-year-old research fellow from the Hunan Fisheries Science Institute, returned once again to Ethiopia on October 16, where she has been teaching fish-farming since 2003. During all these years in Ethiopia, He helped build the country's first standardized aquaculture base, mentored more than 3,000 students, and is about to publish the country's first textbook on aquaculture, called Fish Production, local news site sxdsb.cn reported. He Wang is one of many Chinese experts who have played a major role in transforming Africa's agricultural infrastructure, introducing small mechanized tools and advanced agricultural technology to support farming in the continent. She has been teaching in Ethiopia's Alage ATVET College since 2013, when the university had no textbooks, teaching facilities on fisheries, or opportunities for students to go on field trips. When He began teaching there, she brought teaching equipment, such as microscopes and fishhooks from China, so that students could conduct the necessary experiments. This equipment was later donated to the school. In order to help the students gain more practical experience, He and her students built the country's first standardized aquaculture base. Measuring 200 square meters, it took them four months to finish. The base attracted teachers and students from all over Ethiopia, as it functioned not only as an aquaculture base, but also as a reservoir. Due to its success, the Ethiopian government is planning to make such bases more common all over the country, said sxdsb.cn.

Source: Global Times