Monday, 30 October 2017

Development aid: EU institutions’ wrangle over EU 2018 budget

The European Parliament backed by a large majority the EU budget for 2018 on Wednesday (25 October), earning praise from NGOs for increasing funds for humanitarian and development aid. But the EU Council said it cannot accept all the MEPS’ amendments. MEPs set the overall EU budget for 2018 at €162.6 billion (+1.2% on the Commission’s draft budget) for commitments and €146.7 billion (+0.9%) for payments. In comparison, the Commission proposed setting the total level of commitments at €160.6 billion and payments at €145.4 billion. But member states on 12 July decided to cut the Commission’s proposals by €1.2 billion. The European Parliament deplored this “mechanical” cut, while NGOs denounced the decrease of development aid and its re-directing to combat immigration.The resolution on Parliament’s position on the EU’s 2018 budget was approved by 414 votes to 163, with 90 abstentions.

Source: Euractiv