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Fiji: EU funds village relocation project


Monday, 02 October 2017

Fiji: EU funds village relocation project

The EU through the EU-GIZ Adapting to Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Programme (ACSE) will fund the relocation project of seven households affected by climate change at Narikoso on Kadavu. According to the EU-GIZ ACSE, there is a $1.69m funding towards the project from EU, of which half would be directed towards the relocation of Narikoso and the other half for Waciwaci District School on Lakeba, Lau. It was revealed during the Kadavu Provincial meeting three weeks ago that 10 villages on Kadavu have been earmarked for relocation. The Government of Fiji is currently in the process of putting together a project management unit to pursue further implementation of the project. The agency has been co-funding several assessments by the joint relocation taskforce and also pledged to provide additional funds for the relocation of the school.

Source: Fiji Times