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German elections: What’s in them for Africa?


Friday, 15 September 2017

German elections: What’s in them for Africa?

The G20 presidency, Compact with Africa, the Marshall plan – never before has Africa had such a platform in German politics. But could elections change things? DW took a look at the German parties' manifestos. Africa has, of course, not made it on to any German campaign posters. The most important topics for German voters are, after all, the national issues like social justice, security and fair wages. The African continent has, however, become something that German parties can no longer ignore. "If you look at the manifestos, each party has one or the other passage about Africa," said Bernd Bornhorst from the developmental umbrella organization VENRO. That's no surprise. The high numbers of refugees have given rise to more discussions about Africa than ever. Chancellor Angela Merkel made Africa a focal topic for the German G20 presidencyand three German ministers put forward new development approaches. And while critics lament that Germany's G20 efforts have made little difference, aside from the creation of new investment partnerships with five African countries, Merkel's Christian Democrat (CDU) party is determined to maintain this course. The Compact with Africa program is supposed to continue beyond Germany's G20 presidency.

Source: Deutsche Welle