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South African citrus products to China forecasted to grow

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Thursday, 29 June 2017

South African citrus products to China forecasted to grow

"This year, the citrus harvest started season in April. The season is estimated to last until October. According to relevant data, South African citrus imports had a total value of 80 million USD in 2016, and seized a top position among citrus fruits on the Chinese import market. In comparison to 2015, imports have grown by nearly 24%. Forecasts show that there will be a larger amount of exports of South African citrus products, and also that the price will be somewhat higher this year." Being an international fruit trading company, Berda Fruit has almost more than 20 years of operational experience in importing fresh fruits from South Africa. They have accumulated a large number of a large number of fields with a stable supply of goods into their posession, and have established stable cooperations with many top-tier and large suppliers in South Africa. "Our lemons, grapefruit, clemengold tangerines, navel oranges, oranges, blood oranges and all other fruit that we purchase from South Africa, and even the seedless white grapes and blue grapes, Rose Fragrance grapes and Beauty Grapes, all enter the Chinese market through the large ports in Guangzhou or Shanghai, after inspection to see whether or not they meet the standards. Afterwards, they reach supermarkets and wholesale markets in China's first and second tier cities through traditional wholesale markets and online wholesale platforms. Our sales methods combine these two different channels. At the present stage, the number of sales on our own company's website wholesale platform already take up about 10% of our total sales. Following the development of the internet era, this proportion has been continously expanding. We are planning to adequately make use of this wholesale platform in order to give consumers an experience that is more convenient and faster. This will go hand in hand with a intimate before-sales and after-sales service."

Source: Freshplaza