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Building ACP-EU Development Cooperation

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Wednesday, 03 May 2017

Building ACP-EU Development Cooperation

The Treaties of Rome provided the historic foundations that enabled the fatal conflicts of war to be overcome by the spirit of peace and solidarity for the common good of all Europeans. Among the most undeniable success of the Treaties of Rome is the European Integration Project with its four freedoms - of goods, capital, services and people. We can together rightly celebrate one of the greatest landmarks of the post World War II era. We are proud to convey the ACP’s appreciation and gratitude for the long history of the cooperation that began in 1963 with the Yaoundé 1 Convention and those 18 African States that included Somalia and Madagascar and shared in an initial allocation from the European Development Fund (EDF). In the bosom of that partnership, the ACP’s commercial and political strength had grown from 18 to 46 in 1975 by embracing countries of the Caribbean and the Pacific in the Lomé Agreements. And now we are 78 countries in the current Cotonou Partnership Agreement that ends in 2020. The role and commitment of the EU Member-States and the European Institutions in contributing towards the eradication of poverty and the gradual integration of the ACP economies into the world economy are among the most notable driving forces for development in the ACP countries. Despite the challenges of today’s market economies, and their turbulence and uncertainty, the principles and architecture for integration and common rules, remain ever more relevant. This endurance is grounded in shared values, respect for human rights and the rule of law but also responsive to new needs and legitimate aspirations. The year 2017 marks not only the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaties of Rome, but also the 42nd anniversary of trade, economic and political cooperation between Europe and the ACP Group of States. Through these joint undertakings, great strides have been made by which an accumulation of knowledge, experience and institutional innovation are brought to bear in the fight for a world free of poverty and engaged in sustainable development for all.

Source: Indepthnews