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EU, APTC deliver targeted and proper skills to Fiji sugar sector


Tuesday, 07 March 2017

EU, APTC deliver targeted and proper skills to Fiji sugar sector

The sugarcane industry remains an important sector of the Fijian economy. The industry supports the livelihoods of almost 200,000 Fijians. The European Union (EU) is a key development partner for Fiji’s sugarcane industry and the people whose livelihoods depend on it. As part of its Accompanying Measures for Sugar Protocol programme (AMSP 2013), the EU is implementing 11 projects, with a total investment of around FJ$100 million, in partnership with a number of national and international agencies and relevant Fiji Government ministries. One such collaboration is with the Australian Government in the context of the Training Support to the Fiji Sugarcane Industry (FSI) project.The project focuses on training sugarcane industry workers across the sugar belt regions of Fiji to improve their productivity and efficiency by upgrading their technical and management skills. This, in turn, will enable workers to develop their capability to help the industry to meet current and future challenges by equipping them with the required knowledge and skills. The EU Ambassador to Fiji and the Pacific, Andrew Jacobs, said: “The project, financed under the EU’s Accompanying Measures for Sugar Protocol (AMSP) Programme, aims to improve the livelihood of the sugarcane dependent population by promoting income generation through sugarcane farming or supplementary livelihoods.” “With the ending of the European Union sugar preferential pricing system in October this year, Fiji will enter a more competitive global market. This project is important to improve the efficiency and productivity of the sugar industry by enhancing human resource capacity This complements the efforts of the Fiji Government and other stakeholders to strengthen the competitiveness of the sugarcane sector,” adds Ambassador Jacobs. Acting Australian High Commissioner to Fiji, Ms Amy Crago said, “We are delighted to be directly helping Fijians in the sugar belt areas, in this partnership with the EU.”

Source: Fiji Sun