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Annual Report on EU Budget Support - 2016


Monday, 13 February 2017

Annual Report on EU Budget Support - 2016

This budget support report covers an important year for development. The debates in 2015 around the third Financing for Development Conference in Addis Ababa, Agenda 2030 and the related sustainable development goals have highlighted the global challenges around inclusive growth, inequality and poverty. A key message that emerged from the Addis Ababa conference is that domestic public finance — revenue mobilisation and effective use of resources — provides by far the largest and most stable source available for financing sustainable development. Building on three important policy landmarks — the communications ‘Tax and development’ in 2010 and ‘Budget support’ and ‘Agenda for change’ in 2011, the European Commission presented a holistic approach to domestic public finance fully outlined in the ‘Collect more — spend better’ staff working document in 2015 to support developing countries to increase domestic revenue mobilisation and to spend financial resources more effectively. Agenda 2030 requires a partnership approach with joined responsibilities and an increasing role for domestic action in mobilising revenues for development and in delivering developmental outcomes. EU budget support will remain a key method of implementing such partnerships while maintaining the results-based financing approach it pioneered. This report contains, for the first time, sector results in the form of trends in selected indicators in the countries supported by budget support (while not elaborating on the contribution of EU budget support to these trends). The observed trends are encouraging since, for example, almost all the 16 countries with ongoing budget support in the education sector have attained primary completion rates close to 100 %.

Source: European Commission