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Africa has mixed reaction to Germany’s ‘Marshall Plan’ proposal


Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Africa has mixed reaction to Germany’s ‘Marshall Plan’ proposal

Germany’s planned ‘Marshall Plan’ for Africa has been greeted with both optimism and scepticism, with its supporters hailing it as a cure for Africa’s age old development problems and its critics questioning Germany’s true intentions. The original Marshall Plan was initiated by the Unite States and was meant to jumpstart European economies following the end of World War Two at a cost of $100 billion. The plan, implemented within four years, chaperoned the fastest period of economic growth in European history that saw industrial production jump to 35%. Germany now wants to transfer a similar plan to Africa, with a view to creating a conducive environment and opportunities for the African youth in particular, by making them stay and find meaningful employment at home rather than looking for work in Europe. It is seen as a stab at containing the unprecedented inflow of migrants to Germany, following its open door policy for refugees. According to the International Organisation for Migration, IOM, close to 160,000 Africans have crossed the Mediterranean so far this year and 4,220 have died while trying. Germany wants to put a stop to this with its proposal. According to Development Minister Gerd Müller, who called on developed countries to back the plan, the time is right to introduce a different model in Africa away from development aid, if nations of the world were to tame the migration crisis, which he said would see millions of Africans making their way to Europe.

Source: EurActiv