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Kenya sends fresh passion fruit to the Netherlands every week


Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Kenya sends fresh passion fruit to the Netherlands every week

The export of passion fruit from Kenya is not always easy. “They taste delicious and are much sweeter than many other types of passion fruit. This is because we pick them later. It is challenging to supply them to European countries with the right shelf life, but we are always looking for the best possible logistical solutions. We send fresh passion fruit to the Netherlands every week. We listen to consumers, who want to buy ready-to-eat products more and more often.” The Kenyan company Miyonga supplies various exotic fruits and vegetables. Yvonne Otieno, Miyonga’s CEO, indicates that they mostly grow these fruits and vegetables themselves. “Additionally, part is supplied by other cultivators. From 2014, we were given permission to export, and have been doing so for almost two years. The most important European companies we supply are located in Germany and the Netherlands. Besides, we export to South Africa and Norway, and we recently started exporting to the UK. The Dutch love our passion fruit and avocado. We also have demand for legumes. The advantage is that we can produce and supply many products year-round. Take, for example, aubergines: we also export them in winter, when the season is over in various European countries.”

Source: freshplaza.com