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Council of EU Report: Energy and Development


Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Council of EU Report: Energy and Development

The Council recalls its conclusions of 20 July 2015 on EU Energy Diplomacy which underlined the need to ensure coherence between EU foreign and energy policies. The Council further recalls the Energy Union strategy and calls for Europe to become the world leader in renewable energy, including research, innovation and technologies. The Council underlines that the EU's development policy and actions in the energy sector are a fundamental part of a revitalised European energy and climate diplomacy. The Council underlines the importance of policy coherence for sustainable development and the need to strengthen linkages between development, energy, climate, environment, water, and food and nutrition security, as well as research and innovation policies. 2. The Council recognises that access to energy is crucial for eradicating poverty and for delivering on the 2030 Agenda and achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs), notably SDG7 on access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all, and SDG13 on climate action. The Council stresses that energy is also comprehensively linked to the achievement of all other SDGs. The Council reaffirms the EU and its Member States’ commitment to assist partner countries in providing energy access to 500 million people by 2030 and stresses the importance of decentralised renewable energy in reaching universal access to energy.

Source: consilium.europa.eu